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Looking to the future

Looking to the future and trying to decide what project I will tackle next. I’d really like to get my space opera done, now that I’ve had enough time to rethink a few things going on with it. I may go ahead and split it into three parts and see where that takes me.

I had times when I wanted a character to do one thing and they ended up leading the story off in their own direction. Frustrating, yes, but ultimately really good – that character was alive. That’s the sort of thing that makes writing exciting.

Or I may do something else entirely…

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Final proofing

OTHAFA has been handed off to my proof reader. I’ve already gotten some preliminary results and they are very positive. “This is really good,” she says. I’ll take that!

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I finished the preliminary rough draft this evening. There are still a few minor issues I’d like to address, but this version tells the story I want to tell. Will still need editing, but on a level beyond me. Fingers crossed.
The final preliminary draft, as is.

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Could it be?

Could it be I’m really nearing the end this time?

I have completed rewriting one of two Alaska chapters, in rough draft only at the moment, and I think I’ve done it. I managed to refocus the story perfectly.

As a bonus, I didnt’ lose words along the way even if I lost concepts and scenes – I found new material to use that actually worked better than the original.

And now I think I’ve figured out the second of the Alaska chapters that not only allows me to use an existing chunk of detail I was about to cut (I have to cut it down some but that’s a good thing) but really drives home the main points I was trying to make.

There are a couple of other changes in the main text I still have to take care of, but they will link back to the Alaska chapters and help thread things together. Outstanding.

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Slicing and dicing

I’ve decided to tear the Alaska chapter to shreds and start over. Why? It’s just too critical a chapter to leave it to the minor edits I had going.

I thought I knew what I needed to do with it and thought I’d fixed it. But when I reviewed it I was not happy at all. So I stepped back, put things into perspective, and asked myself what was so critical about this chapter that I wasn’t getting? The answer has since come to me – I know what the layout needs to be but I have yet to find all the words. At the moment, words are coming in dribs and drabs, and not all of them are any good. I’ve managed only to get the opening of the chapter down and now have hit a wall.

Maybe tomorrow will be better, or even later tonight. Too much on my mind to worry about it right at this moment.

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Thanks, James, for nudging me with your wisdom – it’s always a pleasure to hear you speak. My latest efforts have taken an interesting turn (though I have yet to write a single word). I struggled with finding a way forward that would have speaking out of both sides of the mouth make sense. I think I’ve found that way, so cheers and all the best.

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I’ve decided to split Chapter 1 into two chapters (at least for now) and rewrite the second half. I wasn’t happy with the level of detail and the emphasis on a particular aspect of the story and lack of detail on another, equally important one. The writing is also currently inconsistent with the rest of the book, so some rewriting is necessary.

Now, what to keep, what to cut, and what to add? I’ve got a few ideas. Hope to have the new draft by Monday. We’ll see…

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Some cleanup

Working the first chapter a little – taking out some unnecessary detail as it seems too busy. One particular scene will be refreshed and augmented to bring out its impact – after all, it is the catalyst of the story. 😉

Also resequencing some character introductions as some are abrupt and lack context which makes them thin and less important than they really are.

I don’t see anything difficult about this section so I’m off to make the changes.

Edit: funny how things change. I started with a clear vision, and ended with clarity enough to go back and change things. LOL.

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Starting at the front of the manuscript making ever smaller changes mostly for clarification. This should be a very rapid edit as I’m looking for technical issues rather than content issues (though I did make one content change this afternoon, with permission).

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nearing the end

A small update. I reworked Soho 1 and the following chapter to draw out some detail. Am very pleased with the result. I’m also adding character detail which is proving interesting.

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