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Got room to add in some additional flavor.

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Proofer says the Pierrepont section needs some work. The good news is that her comments have led me to a solution and I’ve already fixed one issue. Got some kneading to do on another chapter but the changes are minimal. Cool!

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Looking to the future

Looking to the future and trying to decide what project I will tackle next. I’d really like to get my space opera done, now that I’ve had enough time to rethink a few things going on with it. I may go ahead and split it into three parts and see where that takes me.

I had times when I wanted a character to do one thing and they ended up leading the story off in their own direction. Frustrating, yes, but ultimately really good – that character was alive. That’s the sort of thing that makes writing exciting.

Or I may do something else entirely…

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Final proofing

OTHAFA has been handed off to my proof reader. I’ve already gotten some preliminary results and they are very positive. “This is really good,” she says. I’ll take that!

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I finished the preliminary rough draft this evening. There are still a few minor issues I’d like to address, but this version tells the story I want to tell. Will still need editing, but on a level beyond me. Fingers crossed.
The final preliminary draft, as is.

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