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Another split?

Wow, after the difficulty with the Soho chapter, I’m pleased at how easy I’ve been able to refresh the current chapter. Really needed a proper introduction and then just a bit of added detail in the first part. That refreshing made a natural breakpoint more apparent, so I’m looking at splitting the chapter there.

Edit: I reorganized this chapter and went with a stronger breakpoint. The original chapter is still split, just not where I thought I was going to.

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I started work on the latest chapter in Over the Hills and Far Away and discovered there is a whole lot of detail missing. So I’m going back to the outline and then adding new bits to the outline to smooth things over. Some of what I add might get cut in the end – I have doubts that they are critical to the story, but I’ve done this before and found that sometimes in filling in the details something new and wonderful emerges.

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They say if you love someone, set them free. If they come back, you better have a basement to put them up in until they truly get on their own feet. That applies to writing, too. I’ve worked and reworked Soho, and while it is an entirely different chapter than it was previously, there’s still something less than perfect about it, something to do with my arriving in Dhahran the following day that just doesn’t quite do it for me. So I’ve decided to let go of the chapter and move forward to the next project chapter oddly titled, “Blind Man’s Bluff.”

One thing I thought of last night was the need to mature the writing as it progresses. In looking over what I’ve written, I’d already taken care of that aspect early on – bravo (even if I do say so myself – lol).

I’ve also decided to be even more honest in these later chapters. I’ve discovered there are a lot of people I knew from then still very active on the net, and many of them have been very helpful. As a reaction to that I changed the tone, elevating the positives and ignoring how I truly felt. I’ve decided to go back to what I originally felt at the time. This will not cast a negative light on others – it will impact only me, and that’s because of how I viewed the world at the time.

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I’ve had another article published at ezinearticles.com. It’s a small but important step in the right direction.

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Refreshed excerpts

I have now refreshed the three excerpts on my webpage (may have to hit “reload” to get the latest versions dated 9/04/10).

I’m considering removing the “book” from the webpage. I might replace it with a different graphic but haven’t decided yet.

Work continues.

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The Soho chapter grew by a considerable amount. Normally I’d be worried because I’m looking for quality, not quantity, but in this case the changes are very much for the better. I changed a lot of the “tell” to “show” which, of course, changed the overall tone of the chapter.  It’s less “Animal House” hijinks and more honest commentary on a real-life experience, and I believe that to be a good thing.

As I said elsewhere today, I’ll see your Whale and raise you U2, Louis Armstrong, and James Brown.

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I’ve taken the deep breath I needed and now am kicking Soho’s ass, as it should be. I figured out the problems and started working them out and, immediately, the writing took off. More detail in as few words as possible is lighting this on fire, and I feel good.

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I’m still having trouble with this chapter. I arrive in London to spend the night and am thinking I want to explore (since I have the time), and explore I certainly do. The chapter also includes my flying out to Saudi Arabia the following day and maybe I’m just having trouble handling the contrasts and similarities poorly.  I dunno – hope I figure it out soon though.

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